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Dean Bolt Pottery

Beautiful and tactile ceramics by Dean Bolt from his woodland studio in Wales. Individual one off glaze patterns make each piece of pottery unique.

Emma Williams Ceramics

Creating from her Nottingham studio, Emma makes low fired decorative bowls from black and terracotta clays. Inspiration for her work comes from the natural world and childhood memories.

Jane James Ceramics

Jane James is an award winning artist working from her production studio overlooking English Harbour in St Helier. Jane’s work draws on inspiration from the beautiful coastline of Jersey.All her ceramics are either hand cut or press moulded from white earthenware clay. They are then hand finished using a range of implements including various shells.Most of Jane’s pieces are mounted on local driftwood collected from the many beautiful beaches around Jersey.

Kirsti Hannah Brown Ceramics

Working from her studio in Flintshire (no, I don’t know where that is either!) Kirsti works with a variety of stoneware clays to produce light and elegant bottles and spherical forms. Due to the construction method each piece is unique.
The glazes and decorations are then added to evoke landscapes, seascapes and marks found in the landscape. ​

Mary Howard- George Ceramics

Inspired by the British coastline and based in Staines-upon-Thames, Mary works in porcelain to create simple functional pots.

Merryfield pottery

Pottery candlesnuffers and pin cushions made in Torquay

Nick and Gabi Ward Ceramics

Functional ceramics for everyday use made from their studio in Hereforshire.

Rob Whelton Ceramics

Rob works from his studio down the Wylye valley in Wiltshire. He throws and hand builds quirky designs, decorated with seaside and countryside images. He produces a range of animals, including chickens, puffins and penguins. All Robs pots are Raku fired, brightly coloured with slips and coloured glazes, and highlighted with gold leaf.

Sinead o’Moore

A London-based ceramic artist using porcelain & white earthenware to create simple and delicate tea light shells. Crystalline glazes are used with the earthenware shells resulting in stunning colour combinations while the delicate eggshell like porcelain shells are beautifully simple with a paperlike transparency.

Vanessa Conyers Ceramics

Based in Dorset, each piece is made from earthenware clay that is rolled many times and imprinted with vintage lace and fabrics.
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