Ceramics by Anja

Anja has been a full-time potter since 2008, always improving on making pottery and glazes. She mixes her own glazes starting from raw materials.

Emily Stracey Ceramics

Emily enjoys family life in sunny Bournemouth. She works in her garden workshop closely guarded by her two tabbies Jazzy and Jeff. In between juggling children, cats, not sleeping, dust, washing, teaching and building sandcastles she loves to draw and make.

Emma Williams Ceramics

Creating from her Nottingham studio, Emma makes low fired decorative bowls from black and terracotta clays. Inspiration for her work comes from the natural world and childhood memories.

Katy O’Neil Ceramics

Katy has been working with clay for over 20 years. Working from her studio in Lancashire she creates contemporary ceramic vessels, bowls and wall pieces, as well as a range of handmade ceramic jewellery. The ceramics are decorated with slips before being impressed with marks which are inspired by photographs taken whilst travelling.  She uses splashes of colour to highlight the texture and mark making before firing to stoneware.  Each piece is unique and is slab built with black clay.

Kirsti Hannah Brown Ceramics

Working from her studio in Flintshire (no, I don’t know where that is either!) Kirsti works with a variety of stoneware clays to produce light and elegant bottles and spherical forms. Due to the construction method each piece is unique.
The glazes and decorations are then added to evoke landscapes, seascapes and marks found in the landscape. ​

Rob Whelpton Ceramics

Rob works from his studio down the Wylye valley in Wiltshire. He throws and hand builds quirky designs, decorated with seaside and countryside images. He produces a range of animals, including chickens, puffins and penguins. All Robs pots are Raku fired, brightly coloured with slips and coloured glazes, and highlighted with gold leaf.

Virginia Graham Ceramics

Drawing inspiration from historical ceramic wares, vintage textiles, paper ephemera and themes of collecting and commemoration, Virginia creates useable ceramics that collage together nostalgic form and imagery with just a little playful humour.